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Homeschooling was something I never pictured becoming a part of my life. My only real exposure to the topic, aside from that discussed in pop culture such as on the show “19 Kids and Counting,” was in wishing my parents would let me do it (as independent study), so I wouldn’t have to go to high school. I was voluntarily missing a lot of class at that time in my life 🙂

I went to law school thinking I would spend the next 10 or so years dedicated to my career. Instead, I ended up a mommy of three wonderful children, who I couldn’t bare to be apart from.

Anyone who knows me knows that my kids challenge me endlessly, especially my oldest. But in addition to her spirited disagreements, she’s also pretty damn amazing. I found that when she was attending preschool (which we absolutely loved), she would expend all of her positive energy, and be too tired and grouchy to have a good time with afterwards.

Additionally, many of the challenges I face with my children stem from their inborn curiosity. They just cannot resist trying things to see what happens. The neat corrolary is their love for learning. There is nothing more rewarding than following my daughter’s interests and seeing the look on her face to experience something new or exciting. (YouTube videos of tarantulas nonwithstanding).

Thus, after struggling with what the next step might be for us, I decided to take a trial run at homeschooling over the summer, and see whether the fun, learning opportunity filled, somewhat less stressful times would outweigh the ones where I was ripping my hair out or about to implode. So far, I am happy to report, the scales have been weighed in my favor. I’ll write more on our summer in another post.

Thus, tentatively, I believe homeschooling may be the right thing for our family for now. We are waiting to see how this year unfolds before deciding about the big K!