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I’ve been trying to anticipate challenges we might face as best as I can, particularly regarding what to do when the weather turns cold and wet.

We’ve been hitting up almost every sort of outdoor arena, from parks to forests, hoping to take full advantage of the sunshine, but also to save up for the indoor time which is inevitably coming.

The one thing I hadn’t really thought about, was what do you do when one of your kids gets sick?

Little miss has been sick going on three days, meaning I haven’t felt comfortable palling around with any of our friends, but I also don’t want her to exert herself and get worse.

What do you do to keep the school going for he other kids when one of them is having sick days?

Cursorily, I was thinking that perhaps this would be a good one to consider watching educational videos or documentaries, but I would really like to stockpile some non-media based alternatives.

Also, what do you do about getting the energy out with other ones? I would head to the park in a heartbeat if baby girl would actually sit with me and rest rather than sprinting off.

I will let you know what we come up with, and please feel free to share your ideas as well! Until then, cheers: