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We had a chance to schedule a get together with our homeschool group this past week to check out Muir Woods. It is a local national park, consisting of hundreds of acres of diverse natural lands.

Perhaps most breathtaking though, and probably what the park is best known for, is the extensive amount of California Redwoods. The absolute beauty of the tree giants are overwhelming. I didn’t have the opportunity to attend any “nature” camps as a child, so my first experience in this type of setting was as a cabin leader for such a camp when I was in high school. I therefore cannot even imagine how mesmerizing the giants must be for the kids.






One of the most interesting things I learned on the trip, aside from the calming affect of nature (which is a bit of an understatement when juxtaposed to how wound up seeing their friends made my kids), was that the park was dedicated by a group of UN delegates a month after FDR’s death. Apparently, the hope was that the transformative power of the natural miracles of life and nature would contribute to the goals of achieving world peace and collaboration. I didn’t get a chance to read anything as closely as I would have liked, so I will have to look into the further details regarding the dedication of the park, but I thought that was really special.

Additionally, another of the signs I had a few seconds to scan, stated that redwoods have been around for as long as 65 million years ago–the time of the dinosaurs. Apparently, while meteors caused a massive shift in the climate, which led to the extinction of most other animal and plant life, the redwoods persevered! Hello, how come no one ever told me redwoods are a relic from the time of dinosaurs?! So cool!

My only complaint is that it was crowded! Can you imagine, a forest/park being crowded? It almost felt like we were at a theme park like Disneyland rather than a redwood forest, but it wasn’t too congested beyond the parking lot, and it made me happy to see so many people enjoying the outdoors–particularly the great amount of children of all ages.

Anyway, there were so many neat things there, and also that transpired between the littles themselves and with the adults, that it was a truly heartwarming experience. I cannot wait to go back!

Note: I just wanted to let my readers know that my primary means of blogging at the moment is through my WordPress app. This means that I cant preview pictures after adding them to posts, and am struggling with adding links. I hope to use my computer more regularly in the future, so as to make my posts more aesthetically pleasing and navigable. In the mean time, thanks for reading!