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I thought is write a post about some of the fine motor skill activities we have been doing in case there is someone out there also trying to work with their little kids. I feel like these may by be that strait forward, and thus might provide a change of pace.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a bit of a Pinterest addict. I basically pin almost every fun looking activity for kids that I see on there, and hope to eventually get back to it, so I know these types of blog posts do sometimes actually get read and/or used! Yay!

Sorting Pom Poms

This is one of those things I know I had a picture of the kids doing, but now can’t find, ugh! Anyway, I’ve seen this pin on Pinterest where you have your kids put a certain number of goldfish in a section of an empty egg carton, based on the number written in the section. Here’s the problem, my kids always eat the goldfish, or any other edible food for that matter. So, as a twist on things, we use the rainbow Pom Poms you can get at target in the dollar section, plus you get to up cycle your empty egg cartons win-win! Aside from doing the counting, I encourage the girls to sort the Poms by color. This is one of my 3 year old’s favorite activities:


Bead Work

What little kid doesn’t like making things with beads? While both of my girls love it, my 3 year old has immense trouble threading the beads. So I did what any other resourceful mother would do and looked for something that would be easier for her. Enter floral wire:

It’s much much easier for her, and I can bend the very end of the wire so the beads won’t fall off. I also tend to bend the longer part of the wire so it’s easier for her to thread. Additionally, when the work’s all done, we can just unbend the wire and quickly “pour” the beads back into the container.

Shelling Peanuts

This is one of the activities inspired y the nature of Montessori I encountered when my oldest went to her wonderful preschool. One day when she came home, I came to find she could peel oranges!! Since then, I let her peel or open as many things as possible, for her siblings as well.

We recently went on an”play date” with a friend, and she gave the girls some peanuts in the shell as a snack. Since then, they insist we buy them when we see them at the store. I give them to the girls when I think they need something I keep them sitting down for longer than the 1 minute it usually takes to eat their snack:




It’s pretty messy, but what thing that involves kids isn’t? Plus, for them, it’s also fun! That being said, obviously my 3 year old isn’t quite yet a shelling master, as she said this afternoon, “I don’t know how to crack them, I just know how to eat them.” Alas, she did end up cracking one successfully by hr end of the afternoon! The foregoing applies to anything with a shell or peel that doesn’t involve tools. Sunflower seeds have been a similar hit, though I have to watch and make sure the 3 ear old and the baby aren’t just shoving handfuls (complete with shells!) into their mouths.

Happy Wednesday!