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So I may have mentioned that we wi be visiting some seniors in an assisted care facility this week with one of our homeschool groups. (How wonderful is that??!!!!! I get really joyful just thinking about it :)) Anyway, today after visiting some older relatives of our own, we headed to the local craft store, which is quickly becoming one of the girls’ favorites. They go nuts for anything pink/purple and/or sparkly.

They talked me into all kinds of sparkly felt, foam, and heart shaped things of all different sizes and materials.

After we got home, even though it was almost time for dinner, the girls were so excited that they couldn’t wait to get started, so they were able to start working on a couple. I underestimated the amount of work I would have to do (I.e. cutting out all the heart shapes from plain rectangles), but you know what? That’s fine with me. I love crafting with my girls, and I know they really enjoy it too– they are especially excited to give things they’ve made to others, and I’m sure their creations will bring joy to the seniors and their friends who they will also be making them for.

Additionally, one of the packs of foam conversation hearts we picked up has acronyms I can personally appreciate, such as “LOL” and “tweet me,” so perhaps I’ll have to get going on some for my mom friends as well. Watch out!

Until then, pink and purple glitter glue for all!

Update, here are the valentines the girls made. 15 of them will come with us tomorrow, the rest will be for hs friends and family 🙂