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I think I mentioned in one of my prior posts our visit to the local farm. I thought id revisit that experience for a sec, because some cool stuff happened, eventhough my kids were giving me a rough time most of the time! Plus we got to see 3 1 day old lambs!

We saw some animals, etc. but more important to me, I got to talk to some experienced hs moms about what works for them. I talked to one unschooling mom with delightful children, and got some great perspective on what that looks like. I also got to talk with a veteran Charlotte mason-esque mom with the best daughters. It was reaffirming, but also it’s interesting to hear about our different walks.

What was the funniest thing to me was that the kids spent about. 30 minutes looking at farm animals, then for the remaining hour and a half we were there, they were just playing in a big field and checking stuff out. Around the time we were about to leave, the older kids had been lifting the younger ones into a low tree branch to “row the boat.” then a group of about 10 of them were huddled around a hole in the ground, claiming a mouse had just run in!! My 5 yr old may or may not have been with a group of other girls trying to hit the roaming turkeys with a stick. Apparently she wanted to n ow what was going to happen.

My apologies for any typos, blogging from my WordPress app. Happy Wednesday!