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During this last year of semi-flux for my big girl, in addition to utilizing some of the resources we have, and supplementing with trips to the library, I also get TONS of stuff on the internet, for FREE! I recently realized that I rarely remember the names of the sites, since I have them bookmarked, which is kind of an unorganized way to start the day.

Also, I have many friends with whom I’d love to share these sites, but I haven’t really had any way of doing so. Therefore, today it dawned on me, what better way to do things than to link them on here. That way they have a potentially farther reach, and they are organized in a coherent way. I’ll try to put as much info in the description as I can, and if I get really ambitious, I’ll actually review the sites individually, so that you can learn the types of content they have. 

While we use the preschool-1st grade pages, I think most of the pages have resources for older grades as well. 

Also, if you have some sites you love, feel free to send them my way, or comment here!