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In the course of asking around for some help in locating Jewish learning materials, I got some awesome recommendations. Here are some links, in case you are looking too, and in order to keep them all in one easy to locate place!

Twebrew school: a resource for teaching young children Hebrew

Jewish Homeschool Blog: Hurrah, such a thing exists! I knew it must be out there somewhere! And if you have one too, please feel free to leave it in the comments!

Easy Peasy: Following a trend I recently noticed on Ambleside Online, EP will be splitting their Bible resources into Old and New Testament, rumor has it! It is going to teach Hebrew as well, purportedly!

AISH: a resource for Parshah — I haven’t had a chance to look over this one yet, but it looks like it has TONS of information.

Chai curriculum: this is a source for the stuff I’m guessing that Temples typically use in Hebrew school. Where we live, this is $1,000 per kid, per year. Ergo I will likely be getting this ridiculously appealing curriculum to use with my kids. I need the structure, as I am still learning all the time, and I want an easy to access and present source of material for regularity! This is from a Reform perspective.

I had been having a hard time because it seems hard pressed to find any Jewish curriculum, whereas biblical and Christian sources seem to abound. Anyhow, thanks for everyone who sent me these great links!

Wishing you a peaceful week!