guest post, written by my 8.5 year old daughter.

ages 8 to 19

I want to have a Harry Potter club at my house. In the club we can bake whatever we want. We can get a big family pool and then play in it with fake wands. and dress up as

characters  from  Harry potter and do a play for are parents  and watch  Harry potter movies  and make Harry potter merchandise  and do activities and jump on the Couch             well  we watch movies. and  build  a fort with the Couch  pieces and play games and kids        can bring  there  Harry potter books  to read  out loud  if  they  want to and if you want to      sketch characters from Harry potter bring sketch pads and  colored pencils then.and               if you  want to go play upstairs ask my mom.and  we can play with the soccer ball .